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Who Offers IT Services To Nonprofit Organizations In San Francisco?

Some people have entirely the wrong idea about how nonprofits work.

Yes, the money goes to a cause, a purpose, enriching the community, helping to make life better for people. The point of a nonprofit is not for the CEO and stakeholders to get very, very rich.

But... a lot of money changes hands, a lot of sensitive data is on the line, and, in many ways, you have to run a nonprofit the same as you would any for-profit business. That means that when you're looking for IT Services for nonprofit organizations in San Francisco, you need to be looking for the best of the best.

Security and integrity are of the utmost importance when looking for nonprofit IT services in San Francisco. Security, integrity, and all of the following:

Nonprofit Experience

There are more IT companies in San Francisco than in almost any other city in the world. Not all of them know the first thing about the IT needs of a nonprofit. There are IT companies that can run the tech needs of a for-profit business as well as anyone, but once you start talking about grants, HIPPA compliance, donations, they don't even know where to begin. They may understand their niche comprehensively, but without nonprofit experience, there's not much that they can do for your organization.

Strategic Consulting

A nonprofit has to move like a business. Capitalizing on an opportunity when it presents itself, reducing costs wherever possible. There is a lot more to it than just taking money from grants and donors and putting that money where it belongs. By enlisting the partnership of an IT service that has experience in the nonprofit field, you are creating a collective wealth of knowledge more significant than either half of the whole. A managed IT service that knows the lay of the land in the nonprofit realm, that has seen firsthand what has and has not worked for their previous clients, will be able to provide informed, insightful consultation that can help you to maximize your organization's potential.

That is to say that you're looking for more than just "some computer guys." If all you want is for someone to update your operating system and make sure that the security software is working, you can get help like that for cheap. But it's not going to take your nonprofit any farther than you can take the organization on your own. By enlisting the aid of a service that will function not only as a work-for-hire tech company, but as a partner in your endeavors, you may discover new possibilities that you'd never before considered.


As a nonprofit, your greatest asset is people. You have grant proposal writers; you have community leaders and marketing pros who can work magic. A nonprofit is very much about the human element, very much about connection, putting our collective efforts together towards something meaningful. Not every nonprofit has a wealth of tech knowledge on hand in-house. And you shouldn't have to. The function that you serve in your community, be it local, global or otherwise, is vital, and depends upon a specific set of skills, experience, and talents that are, if not wholly unique to the nonprofit field, in greater abundance therein.

And that's where your focus should be.

It would be great if you could manage everything yourself, but that's not practical. You only have so many hours in a day; you have so much time, attention and energy to devote to your work. If you're spending seven hours a day going through resumes for an in-house IT team, and that's after studying information technology to the point that you can make informed hiring decisions yourself, that's seven hours less that you have available to pursue the work to which you are best suited.

It is not that your IT service is not essential. Quite the opposite, it is of critical importance. That is why you need a service that can devote themselves as entirely to your technological needs as you dedicate yourself to your work. When searching for nonprofit IT services in San Francisco, you're looking not just for a service, but a partnership. The best IT services for nonprofit organizations in San Francisco will be provided by a company that understands your mission, and can help you to achieve your ends more effectively and more efficiently than you might be able to by dividing your attention between the heart of your work, and the IT demands of your organization.

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