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Helping Nonprofits Make the Most of Their Technology Dollars

Is your non-profit suffering from slow networks and poor operations? See how an IT managed services provider can help keep costs under control and boost productivity.  

The concept of being "competitive" may be a foreign one for nonprofits, but they are competing on a major scale every day. Competing for dollars against every other nonprofit. Competing for space in an increasingly busy digital world. Competing internally for scarce resources . . . the list is never-ending. Creating a nonprofit IT model that works is one of the biggest challenges for technology and business leaders, as software and hardware are an expense that can be difficult to justify in the workings of a not-for-profit organization. However, those nonprofits that are investing in their infrastructure now are creating the operational field that they need for a future of expanded possibilities.

Finding Partners Who Understand Your Model

Nonprofits have a unique model, and it's crucial to work with IT partners who understand how your business cycle works. From longer internal approval times for contracts to employees who often stay with the organization for decades, there are different challenges and opportunities for nonprofits. These businesses may still be stuck on legacy systems, spending the majority of their time working on patches and updating aging integrations instead of creating new functionality. When viewed holistically, nonprofits may be spending more time and energy than they realize simply on keeping their infrastructure running -- much less having it tuned and fully operational.

Creating a Leaner Nonprofit

Running lean is nothing new to nonprofits, but they may be a bit anxious at the idea of shifting their current technology funding model. From a standard practice of maintaining software on-premise and purchasing upfront, the cloud-based applications of today are generally funded on a monthly basis with a two to a three-year contract with vendors. This accounting shift from capital to operational expenses may be difficult to explain to nonprofit leadership and boards, who tend to be skittish when adding new monthly or quarterly expenses. However, when you consider the greater opportunities available with new software, these models begin to make more sense for nonprofits.

Affording the Latest Technology on a Nonprofit Budget

Savvy nonprofit technology leaders are looking at aging systems and then eyeing cloud as an opportunity to upgrade their systems and infrastructure without a major investment request from their board or commission. This type of structure allows smaller organizations to gain access to enterprise-quality applications and infrastructure without the heavy overhead that might otherwise come with this type of application. Shifting in this direction allows for greater flexibility while encouraging teams to make the most of the technology options that they have available.

Engaging with Data and Analytics

One of the ways that leaders in the nonprofit technology space agree that there's room for growth is in the use of data and analyticswithin these organizations. Providing team members with real-time feedback on their operations and marketing offer ways to tighten the communication funnel and increase the money raised as well as awareness for various causes. TechSoup's team pulled together a list of gurus who shared the major challenges for nonprofits and technology usage, with many of the comments featuring the use of data and analytics or cybersecurity.

This type of digital transformation is critical for nonprofits as they attempt to make the most of their technology dollars. Technology can help nonprofits run their operations more effectively and efficiently, improving everything from logistics to fundraising, marketing and communications. Having these disparate systems working together cohesively is a challenge that can be difficult for internal teams to overcome. When you work with a partner that truly understands the value that IT managed services deliver to nonprofits, that synergy can drive additional growth throughout the organization as internal teams are able to focus their energies on expanding their impact on the world. Contact the professionals at OnTimeTech today at 415-294-5250 to see how their secure, reliable technology helps nonprofit organizations of all sizes grow while actively managing their technology spend.

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