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Why Is Lance Stone The Best Person To Call For San Francisco IT Services?

Searching For A New IT Services Company For Your San Francisco Company?

Lance Stone, Owner and President of San Francisco IT Services company On Time Tech, believes that the best way to build his reputation is to help others develop theirs. Recommended by some of the top firms in the city, Stone has made On Time Tech by partnering with clients who need the expertise of IT specialists with a proven track record of helping businesses succeed.

What Makes Lance Stone & On Time Tech The Most Reliable San Francisco IT Services Company?

While some people spend half their adulthood trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, Lance Stone has known for a very long time that IT is his calling. Stone graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 1994 with a degree in business (with an emphasis on information systems). He immediately went to work, rising to the position of IT Director for several Los Angeles law and accounting firms. He moved to the Bay Area in 1999 after accepting a position as an Internet System Engineer.

Like most natural-born entrepreneurs, Stone longed to build something of his own. He dreamed of creating a company that would provide an upbeat, positive work environment, an IT firm that other businesses could trust to get the job done. And so On Time Tech was born, built on a foundation of doing what’s best for the customer and doing it with integrity.

Why Should You Call On Time Tech For All Your Business Computer Networking Services Throughout San Francisco?

Businesses in search of San Francisco IT support have a myriad of options, a fact not lost on Stone and his staff. They know they have to be different – better – at what they do. From the time they receive that initial call, their focus is on building a long-term relationship. That means sitting down with the company to learn all about them. What do they like and dislike about their current operating system? What are their short-term goals? What are their long-term goals?

It’s that last question that helps determine the strategy Stone and his team develop. In the end, it’s not about merely getting a job; it’s about partnering with their customers to make those long-term goals a reality. The moment On Time Tech takes over IT operations; customers are free to focus on their day-to-day business concerns. That’s because On Time Tech takes over total IT management, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and data backup and recovery. Anything IT-related is covered by Stone’s world-class staff. From engineers to techs, each employee practices the “what’s best for the customer” philosophy.

What Are The Top 5 Ways Lance Stone & On Time Tech Can Help San Francisco Bay Area Businesses?

  1. The bottom line when it comes to business is profitability. Reducing costs and increasing productivity are two ways to ensure profitability and growth. On Time Tech takes a look at your system as a whole and suggests ways you can make it leaner, more efficient. The beauty of technology is that it allows businesses you to cut out needless operations and to streamline.
  2. Because they’re a managed IT service, On Time Tech’s allows you to do away with the “fix it when it’s broken” mentality. On Time Tech keeps systems up and running and looks for potential problems before they occur. Their goal is to make sure your business never experiences costly downtime.
  3. A company is only as productive as it’s employees. On Time Tech frees your employees up to be productive. If a concern arises, On Time Tech is just a phone call away. An issue can often be resolved by a tech via phone, but if not, you can be sure On time Tech will send someone on-site right away. The days of needing to take time away from your job to deal with IT issues are over -- giving your business a distinct advantage over competitors.
  4. It’s all about having a safe and secure network. On Time Tech provides the defenses your business needs to fight against cybercriminals and to protect your valuable information.
  5. The positive work environment that Stone has built into his company is carried over to the businesses he currently works with, just as it will be carried to yours. When you partner with them, there is no problem too large to handle and no dream too big to achieve.

How Do You Connect With Lance Stone & The Team At One Time Tech?

  • Easy way - call {phone}
  • Want to reach Lance on email? Try sending an email to {email}.

21st-century businesses are dependent upon information technology, and that’s a good thing. When looking for an IT services in San Francisco, look no further than On Time Tech, a company built on doing what's best for you.

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