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When you are looking for the very best in IT support...don't listen to what every other MSP says...listen to their clients. This is where the truth is.

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“On Time Tech has been working with us for a long time.”

On Time Tech has been working with us for a long time. There are a number of reasons for using their expertise.Having an in-house person is risky for us. We need 100% uptime and availability from knowledgeable people. If we had an IT person on staff, we would be running the risk of that person being out, or sick, or whatever—We simply can’t afford to have a moment go by where we don’t have IT support.


Sylvia Gabriel Flores, Marketing - The Online 401(k)

“I have found on time tech to be the ideal service to support the needs of small business.”

I have found on time tech to be the ideal service to support the needs of small business. They manage to explain the process and work through IT problems in a way that can be understood by non IT professionals. The support is set up in a way that suits the level of intervention required for the needs of the business. I have found the team to be responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. No question I had was too silly to ask. Thanks for your support.


Danielle Thompson, StoreBuild

“Talbot Tours has been using On Time Tech since November 2007.”

Talbot Tours has been using On Time Tech since November 2007. We had no major security risks. However, we were having major problems with our email and internet. When I contacted On Time Tech they were able to send someone out right away to trouble shoot the problem. They resolved the problem that day. Over the years we have used many, many, IT Support people and unfortunately, eventually, they tend to be unreliable or unreachable. On Time Tech has been very responsive and reliable. DJ Foreman was focused on solving our #1 priority issue. He listened to our description of the problem, viewed our set up and asked relevant questions regarding access, etc. He got right down to the task. He was sensitive to our frustration and our needs in regards to having a stable system. He was also very passionate about helping our company increase our productivity by updating our hardware/ software in a cost effective way. He understands the needs of a small business that uses computers and technology but doesn’t necessarily have a large budget for technology. He has secured our system with a new power supply and a daily back up system. He has also given us invaluable advice about using existing software to its full potential. On Time Tech is quite reliable and very conscientious.


Karen Fernades, Talbot Tours

“We have been working with On Time Tech for 3 years.”

We have been working with On Time Tech for 3 years. They manage our California Offices, with regard to helpdesk and network maintenance. On Time Tech has a solid team that exemplifies what you want n an outsourced provider. Excuse the language but we call it the “Give a damn” factor. At the end of the day if your provider does not “Give a damn” they will not perform when you need them most. On Time Tech cares about its clients and their ability to be successful. There are countless stories of On Time Tech going above and beyond, but this one comes to mind. One of our end-users had an insidious virus and could not work for several days. On Time Tech made a house call and brought her new hardware to keep her going. She is a working mom and logistically could not make it to the office exacerbating her issue. On Time Tech quickly becomes an integral part of your organization, with their attention to detail, responsiveness and overall professionalism. Their ability to work through issues and be mindful of business impact is without peer. They are a delight to work with and can help you company run better.


Louis McDavid, Risk Strategies Co.

“We have been using On Time Tech for on site support for the past year or so.”

We have been using On Time Tech for on site support for the past year or so. The technicians have been very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional… all of which is important as the physical representation of our IT dept in northern California. I work with a great technician, Brandon, along with the rest of the OTT field staff. They have exhibited technical know-how in the field and are great extensions of our eyes and hands here in the remote office. Issues that would normally take hours of phone support turn into a few minutes with someone you can step through using technical slang. We have always appreciated On Time Tech’s effort to accommodate even our most ridiculous requests for support. Oftentimes, we would need emergency dispatches with very little advanced notice but they have managed to be there for us. We are very impressed that On Time Tech’s CEO Lance loves getting his hands dirty as well. It must work great for field morale. On Time Tech is our primary source of field support for northern California. We are proud to say that we have never been assigned a technician who seems lacking in skill set or trainability. Their technicians have been servicing and supporting our remote locations, documenting services rendered, and have been giving technical advice for solutions to our support problems. We have had no complaints from any of our facilities regarding any of the technicians. They have always been courteous, always willing to go the extra mile. We utilize On Time Tech as the perfect extension of our eyes and hands for remote site support. Their combination of skill, experience, sound reasoning, and technical savvy make them perfect for representing our IT dept in locations we’re unable to physically support ourselves. The technicians communicate well, document well, and are very accommodating to on site requests and support. They give sound technical advice and help us paint a clear picture of problems and underlying solutions. We haven’t had any major scheduling issues and they oftentimes accommodate time critical requests for field support. We think they are the ideal candidate for a job you would only trust yourself to do. Great work On Time Tech team!


Ben Herrera, SnF Management

“We’ve worked with On Time Tech for 1.5 yrs.”

We’ve worked with On Time Tech for 1.5 yrs. and used services from physical install to remote system setup and configuration. Our challenges were lack of knowledge; I didn’t know where to start at all. Louis and Lance came in, analyzed our needs, suggested equipment, and setup all our systems. Louis was a real pleasure to work with. On Time Tech has really gone the extra mile for us. While we can’t afford an in house IT team, they didn’t let us feel a void, and kept within our budget. Simply put, On Time Tech are great people who know what they are doing and do it at a reasonable price. I don’t think you can ask for anything more. When we needed to expand, we couldn’t find additional space in the same building. Getting a remote office presented a significant challenge for us especially from an IT standpoint. Lance and Louis came in, and designed our network. We successfully made the transition from a “home grown” network to mature IT setup thanks to their help. They also understood our financial needs and suggested solutions which fit our budget. We couldn’t have moved with out them.


Dalbir Singh, Sukhi's Gourmet Indian Foods

“Actify has worked with On Time Tech for over a year.”

Actify has worked with On Time Tech for over a year, and we utilize their system monitoring, back ups and network engineering personnel on a regular basis. We also utilize other members of their staff, including voice and data specialists for larger projects such as site relocations. When first engaging with On Time Tech, the current IT Manager was out on medical leave and On Time Tech really stepped to the plate. They were facing quite a historical mess left behind by other sub par technical service providers. The posed risks with the configuration back then were many, from security to complete data loss. On Time Tech came in, quickly and accurately evaluated what was in place and made recommendations that were highly customizable depending on Actify’s threshold for risk and expense. One of the items that On Time Tech was able to quickly execute on was setting up 3 identical firewall hardware appliances. Two of those are in the US and the third is in India. From the time On Time Tech made the hardware recommendations to the time the units were up and running was very short and we had few to no problems with them. On Time Tech maintains a very high level of satisfaction with Actify due to many qualities:

  • They are able to make multi-level recommendations on solutions ranging in cost and complexity and furthermore can offer clear explanations of each
  • They are extremely reliable and efficient, they are there when they say they will be there, or they call ahead if running late.
  • They are confident in their work, they would never do anything “experimental” on our production systems.
  • They never panic regardless of how bleak things can get, such as a hardware failure.
  • Their pricing is market rate, but considering their experience and wonderful client service it really feels like a bargain.

When Actify was faced with a relocation of their HQ offices there were so many pieces of the IT puzzle that we did not have a handle on. On Time Tech were very thorough and dispatched different specialists to meet with our leasing agents and riser management companies. They put in so many exhaustive hours in the planning phases and on top of that worked extended hours on our move weekend so that come Monday morning it was business as usual for our engineering team. Their dedication meant no downtime or extra expense due to engineers not being able to work. When On Time Tech first came to Actify, our production servers were monitored and there were back ups in place, however the methods did not utilize up to date technologies and left us open for data loss. On Time Tech’s regular monitor and back up services have us on the road to a real DR plan with an exponential decrease in the time it would take us to be back online should a mishap occur. The cutting edge tools that On Time Tech uses are beneficial to us and quite a comfort. On Time Tech also allows us as the client to view these services at work on our production systems anytime. There is no hidden part to the puzzle. We are able to login and see all of the monitors and back up status. The effort that On Time Tech puts into staying abreast of current technologies and testing these processes prior to release really puts them ahead of other technical service companies. After working closely with On Time Tech I know they would never leave us in a bad spot, and that’s what it’s all about!


Elana Black, Actify

“On Time Tech brings skill where they’re using all sorts of technologies often”

[On Time Tech] brings skill where they’re using all sorts of technologies often, and they’re able to support these technologies and support future changes/alternatives. If we grow out of something or something needs to be replaced, they’re the resource to tell me what I need to replace it with.


Bob Breuing, CIO - Unisource Solutions



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