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The Importance of Productivity Tech for Your Road Warriors

Productivity technology sets up success for your mobile staff wherever they may roam. Are you providing them with the best tools for productivity on the go?

tech for road warriorYour most well-traveled employees take your goods and services out in the field, meet new clients, attend conferences and are the face of your brand at industry events. The Global Business Travel Association reports that business spending on travel has now reached record-breaking levels of over a trillion dollars per year.

Your road warriors need tools and support more than ever before. Have you outfitted them with the best solutions for their needs, or is life on the road an exercise in frustration for them? Traveling salespersons face a number of challenges and obstacles out in the field. Their most common concerns include:

  • Are the files they need on the company server?
  • Are they able to access data securely from any location?
  • Will communications suffer while on the road?
  • Can they collaborate effectively with others even while mobile?

Reliable access to the company server and needed files is a non-negotiable for your road warriors. The security of this access shouldn’t be in question even while workers are in the field or remote locations. Secure cloud access can allow for effective workflow from anywhere an employee has an Internet connection. Company documents stored securely in the cloud enables all employees to proceed with business as usual, whether in-house or at a remote location.

Staying Connected

Losing Internet connection while flying or taking a train can block email access for hours at a time. If a road warrior is traveling during business hours, this can pose a serious productivity problem. Internet connectivity can also be lost even while not en route to the next destination.

Your road warriors should be able to count on tools that will allow them to save documents, email files and presentations on a hard drive even while offline. They can then resume work and upload files as needed when the Internet connection is restored. While offline, they should still be able to continue to access their emails, edit files, compose new drafts – and stay productive.

Secure messaging and video conferencing is also a must, so that business travelers can stay connected with team members and clients through both brief messages and online meetings. These technologies help to support and facilitate teamwork, document sharing and collaboration from anywhere, even if some participants are in a different time zone.

Setting the Stage for Success

Of course, maximizing performance for road warriors requires being plugged into what will best improve their ability to collaborate and produce. The challenges of travel and dealing with multiple applications can pose security risks, but there are targeted ways to navigate all of these challenges.

It begins by truly understanding the challenges faced by your road warriors. From working while traveling to collaborating and hosting meetings, you can help by supplying them with the right applications and technology to support them in meeting every deadline flawlessly.

Road warrior performance will only be as effective as the tech they are given to use along the way. The right productivity technology can help set your mobile staff up for success no matter where they roam. Are you providing your road warriors the essential tools to allow them to succeed while out on the road for you?

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