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Who Can Nonprofits Rely On For IT Services In San Francisco and Los Angeles?

Nonprofit IT Services In San Francisco & Los Angeles

The nonprofit industry is constantly growing in San Francisco and the Los Angeles area. As needs continue to rise, more and more companies are stepping up to provide the products and services that both residents need to utilize and also are interested in supporting. As these companies continue to grow and branch out through the new technologies available in the digital world, so does the need for reliable IT support. When looking for IT service in the San Francisco and Los Angeles area, it is important to first address your technical support needs as well as factors to look for when choosing the best support company for your nonprofit business.

What Nonprofit IT Services Will You Need for Your Company?

In most nonprofit corporations, you are likely to have a designated individual who will provide the basic IT support services for day-to-day needs but will still need a reliable support company to handle other needs to allow your business to operate efficiently as well as provide you with what you need to continue to grow your business. Some service your nonprofit can benefit from include:

  • Reliable help desk support - Your nonprofit organization relies on its technical infrastructure for everything thing from day-to-day operations to managing donations. That means, when your system has problems, you will need an IT company that has reliable help desk support services whenever you need them to keep your company running efficiently.
  • Server system administration - The server is the hub of many of your office functions, this means, when the server goes down, it can result in delays and significant downtime. With proper server system administration, your technical support team will be able to detect minor problems before they become major ones and take the steps necessary to keep your system running smoothly.
  • Consulting service on IT solutions and infrastructure - As with any company, your ultimate goal is to expand and evolve. You will need a support company that can help you come up with IT solutions that can benefit your company as well as be able to come up with a plan when it comes time to expand such as adding new offices.

What to Look for When Choosing a Company for Your Nonprofit IT Support?

When your company is a nonprofit, you will have many of the same technical service needs as any company but may have a different set of priorities. This makes choosing the right IT provider a vital part of how your business operates. When choosing an IT company, there are crucial things to look for to ensure they are the right fit for your organization.

  • Services that are affordable - The main goal of your nonprofit organization is to put money where it is needed most, that means cutting costs wherever you can. When choosing your IT service provider, it is important that they can provide you with affordable solutions that you need for your organization. This can include having one low monthly rate to cover all the services you need.
  • A clear line of communication - Clear communication is vital to not only building trust with your IT service provider but ensuring that problems are addressed, and both parties are clear on what is needed. This means you will want a technical support company that provides you with clear costs on their billing statements and support tickets that are easy to understand.
  • The ability to anticipate potential problems - Whether a security breach or a ransomware attack, problems can and do arise. Your IT provider should be able to anticipate possible problems or weak points in your system and discuss with you ways to solve these issues before they become devastating problems.
  • Top-end security solutions - Security is one of the most essential pieces to consider when choosing your IT provider. The provider should be up-to-date on possible viruses and other industry risks and have the software solutions to monitor for and prevent these threats.
  • The ability to integrate with common nonprofit software programs - Your nonprofit business likely utilizes programs for financial planning and donation tracking. These types of software, such as FAS Nonprofit 100 Asset Accounting, Charitable Financial Planner, and DonorPerfect, are all crucial programs that help you operate your business. When choosing a technical support company, it is essential to make sure that they are familiar with these programs and have security software solutions that are compatible.

The ability to provide the security software programs your nonprofit organization will need, affordable services that can be worked in your budget, and consulting services to help provide you with the best solutions and infrastructure, are all things to be considered when deciding who your nonprofit can rely on to provide you with the technical services you need.

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