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Welcome to a Clutter-Free World!

Microsoft ClutterHate having to go through emails every day and waste time viewing the unimportant ones? Microsoft Office 365 has your inbox covered.


Let Office 365 do the work for you, all you have to do is use your email as you do. Microsoft has already implemented Clutter and, if it isn’t already started, you can turn it on and let it start working for you.

Why Use Clutter?

How long did it take you to check your emails today? According to research, people in the 90’s looked forward to opening their emails, today we don’t. It takes approximately 13 hours to view your emails each week and that is time you don’t want to spend. Get to the point and get to the emails you need to see each day. Not all emails are created to be seen right away, some are on a when-you-can basis. View what you need, first, and then go back to the boring stuff later.

How Clutter Works

Clutter identifies what emails you read, who they are from and their subjects. It remembers your actions and becomes smarter the more you use your email. If it doesn’t recognize an email as clutter, and you think it is, simply drag it into the clutter folder. If you think it is a good email, drag it out and into your inbox. Constantly learning, Clutter will continuously work at giving you ultimate management and productivity experience. Don’t worry about reading through what isn’t important and get down to business ASAP. Don’t worry, it also keeps a tally letting you know how many messages are in your Clutter.

Keeping in Mind

Microsoft has answered some of your questions ahead of time. Knowing you may or may not like the service, here are a couple key points to keep in mind:

  1. It doesn’t work automatically – it gets to know you, like a friend, first
  2. You may have to turn it on – it is only available in English Locale, at the moment
  3. Working with Outlook – Don’t worry, Office 365 has you covered and it is compatible
  4. It is already available – so get on it and turn on the productive feature.

As you can tell, this makes the most dreadful part of your day easy. Don’t pass up on an amazing addition to your Microsoft Office Suite! Call us today at {phone} or email us at {email}. Clutter is making your day easier; let {company} get you started with it. 

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