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Glen Pullen

Do you remember Commodore 64? Well I used it to create my first interactive “Hangman” game. That was my 8th grade year in 1984. During collage years in San Francisco I worked as a Fax and copier expert while building my own personal computers at home. It wasn’t long before I was working for companies like Blue Shield, EDS, Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, and AT&T. I have a government clearance and a certified scuba diver. I found that my passion is in supporting people and how they use technology. This gives me a wide spectrum of software and hardware to discover and learn. I pride myself on knowing as much as I can about technology and sharing that knowledge with others.

5 tips to creating an effective DRP

A business without a DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) is like a circus acrobat without a safety net. The question is, are you willing to take that kind...

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What you need to know about Heartbleed

The security of systems like servers and computers that connect to the Internet should be one of utmost importance for business owners and managers....

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Website design mistakes businesses make

The website is one of the most important marketing and branding tools a small business can utilize. Potential and even current customers visit...

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