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Email/SPAM Protection Services

On Time Tech will provide you with the proper tools to keep your data safe and secure through your network with our ultimate email and spam protection. Call us at {phone} or email us at {email} to save your network from its biggest threats today.

Keeping Your Network Junk Mail Free: Email/Spam Protection

On Time Tech provides you with enhanced security measures for the ultimate business communication tool, your emails. Your business communication tool could be at RISK and is vulnerable to viruses, spam, phishing, and malware. We at On Time Tech want to help you put a STOP to it and protect the massive amounts of data your inbound and outbound emails contain.

Our email and spam protection filters your message content to remove spam, block malware, and prevent your confidential data from leaking; your inbound and outbound emails will be protected against external threats. While lowering your IT costs and preventing downtime, all spam will be detected and blocked to prevent the spread of viruses and worms throughout your business. On Time Tech also offers you unlimited email archiving to keep your data organized and easily accessible.

On Time Tech email security and archiving systems offers you:

  • Enhanced email security – Prevent spam, viruses, worms, and malware from attacking your data before it even happens.
  • Built-in email archiving – Archive all inbound and outbound emails by filtering messages with attachments and using search features.
  • Enhanced memory – Allows you to offload massive storage requirements from your server onto your network.
  • Easier organization – Provides you with full email indexing and easy access to records.
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