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The Truth About How To Use Two Factor Authorization To Protect Your Technology

Using Two-Factor Authorization To Protect Your Data And Technology

Here are a few things you should know about why two-factor authorization is the better choice to protect your data and secure applications from scammers.  

Every single person alive right now has a lot of reasons to worry. That is why as a business owner, you owe it to yourself to relieve every potential source of stress. With hackers recently targeting health agencies and other companies, it is clear they do not intend to take time off due to COVID-19 ( Bloomberg). Also, many employers are experimenting with remote working arrangements to salvage the economic future of their organizations. Your employees may not have top quality firewalls and cybersecurity resources at home. That means every time they access your network remotely you could be at risk.

Now is the time to install that extra layer of protection to secure your network.

Everything You Need To Know About How Two Factor Authentication Can Secure Your Investment

What Is It?

Simply put, Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) merges two separate avenues of verification. Under normal circumstances, you would need a login and password to access a secure network. With 2FA, you use an additional layer of protection before the person can log in. Some systems will text a code to the user's phone during every login session. The user would have to enter the correct code in addition to knowing the password.

How Does It Work

Dual authentication works by securing your system with two kinds of confirmation processes. That way even if your system is compromised and someone gets passwords, they will not be able to access the network without the additional information.

Hackers also like to use bots to guess user passwords and login information systematically. These malicious software programs are relentlessly able to work at guessing your information until they get something right. That is why some 2FA systems use tests based on pictures, colors, or interpreting fuzzy cursive writing. This additional layer of security means hackers would have to personally participate every time the bot tried to guess a password.

Why Hackers Hate 2FA

The second level of protection essentially doubles the work of hacking your systems. It is like adding another layer of windows over your home. Instead of breaking through one window without getting caught, now a burglar has to open twice as many openings without attracting attention. In a lot of cases, it is just not worth the hassle. Using two levels of protection also makes the potential hacker believe your company might be more aggressive at protecting your assets than other enterprises. Most criminals are looking for an easy target, not a fight.

Where Can You Get Dual Verification Capability?

Don't risk the security of your company by relying on decades-old protection processes. Update your cybersecurity solution against hackers by installing two-factor authentication to protect your assets. Your remote workers will still have the same access without the worry of compromise. Contact On Time Tech today for your free consultation.

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