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Tired of Paying a Hefty Hourly Charge for Support? Fixed-Cost IT Support Cuts Costs By Up To 60%!

IT Services SavingsSpending Tons of Money Just to Keep Your Technology Working? Switch to Fixed-Cost IT Support – Saving You Time, Money & Hassle!

You depend on technology to get work done – allowing you to communicate with your clients, access important information, and stay productive throughout the day. The problem is, if you’re paying by the hour for IT support, you’re simply spending far too much on your technology. In fact, fixed-cost IT support cuts costs, on average, by up to 60%!

Here are 6 reasons fixed-cost IT support simply makes more sense for your company:

  1. You can budget easier:

Fixed-cost IT support lets you budget easier as you’re paying a predictable, flat-rate monthly fee, regardless of how many times you call for help. This means your technology stays up and running with minimal downtime – at a fraction of the cost.

  1. You get peace of mind:

When you’re tracking and scrutinizing all the hours your IT support company is clocking, you’re not focused on your company. Here’s the thing: you have much better things to do than manage the company that’s managing your technology.

  1. You avoid most issues:

Your IT support company will be proactive in making sure issues don’t occur, instead of simply reacting to issues when they do. This means you’re able to avoid most issues while feeling confident that your technology is in good condition.

  1. You create a valuable partnership:

You want an IT partner who’s working alongside you to help you accomplish goals and objectives while resolving business challenges, but when you’re paying by the hour, you simply have someone who stops by when problems occur.

  1. You can depend on responsiveness:

Instead of worrying that your IT support company won’t answer the phone when you need them, you’ll have a team of IT experts who are dedicated to responding to your needs whenever you call – answering the phone instead of leaving you waiting.

  1. You stay secure against cybercrime

When you’re paying by the hour for support, you’re most likely not getting the kind of network security and data protection you need to stay safe against cybercrime, whereas with fixed-cost IT support, you’re able to rest assured knowing you’re secure.

The cost of paying by the hour far outweighs the benefits you receive. Why not switch to fixed-cost IT support and get the value you truly deserve? Contact us at {phone} or send us an email: {email}.

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