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These Chilling Mistakes Will Quickly Unleash Your Worst Nightmares

And It’s Costlier Than You’d Think to Wake Up.

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Imagine your worst nightmare: coming into the office, turning on your desktop, and finding that all of your data is gone – financial records, customer information, everything – deleted.

IT shouldn’t be something you’re afraid of; but when cybercriminals start causing trouble, it’s crucial that you take notice. One small mistake could compromise your livelihood, and attackers are pulling out every trick imaginable to scam victims into clicking on dangerous links, downloading attachments, or compromising sensitive information.

So how do you separate the tricks from treats in your inbox? These tips will make sure you spot a ghoul before they infect your network.

They Prey on Your Fears

  • Whenever there’s a big story circulating, cybercriminals take it and run. When news of the heartbleed bug broke in 2014, attackers would send emails disguised as security warnings or important information; victims who clicked on links were then infected with ransomware and other bugs.

They’re Always Wearing Masks

  • Like we said, cybercriminals are smart and very adaptive; they’ll never simply identify themself. Emails always come disguised as “breaking news”, a friend in need, an urgent warning, and so on.
  • Being vigilant with your inbox is the best way to stay safe – never click on a link or download an attachment that you’re not expecting or that looks suspicious.

You’re Constantly Being Watched

  • Think about your social media presence; how protected are you online? Phishing scams have been around for a while, but a new form called spear-phishing attacks are even more sinister and dangerous.
  • Using information from your Facebook, Instagram, and other accounts, attackers gather a wide range of knowledge; your friends, your likes, your location, and more. They use that info to create a fake persona, engage you through email, and then coax you into sending money or compromising data.

Their Scare Tactics Will Suck The Life Out of Your Business

  • A cybercriminal that targets your inbox usually isn’t just after you; when data is compromised, your entire business is affected. That’s why you need to think twice before falling for an email that claims to be from your bank or FedEx, asking you to clarify account numbers and information. Pick up the phone and call before you ever make transactions through Email or give out sensitive information.

Halloween is rapidly approaching and you need to keep your inbox safe from the ghouls that are constantly lurking. Get in touch with {company} to discuss the most effective ways to protect your business against malicious intruders. Contact our IT experts at {email} or {phone}.

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