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The Most Destructive Ransomware on the Internet Infects 600,000 Computers in 6 Months

CryptowallDoes YOUR Network Security Stand a Chance?

CryptoWall, a form of ransomware similar to CryptoLocker, infects users’ computers and encrypts their data via spam emails with malicious links/attachments, drive-by-download attacks from infected websites, and other forms of malicious activity. In the past 6 months, more than 600,000 computer systems have been infected; resulting in 5 billion files held hostage!

Does your network security stand a chance against this dangerous new form of ransomware? {company} invites you to book a network security assessment with our team of IT experts. Give us a call at {phone} or send us an email at {email} immediately.

As you’re already aware, CryptoWall has infected 600,000 computer systems in the past 6 months, but here’s one surprising fact you probably don’t know: 46% of those systems belonged to businesses in the US. What does this mean?

Your business could easily become the next victim.

When one of our clients’ accounting systems was infected, they lost an entire morning of work! Imagine this: you’re completing tasks and going along with your typical daily routine, then a notice pops up: you’ve been infected and all of your files are encrypted. If you want to access your files, you’re going to have to pay a hefty ransom fee!

Fortunately, we’d already backed up our clients’ important data, which came in handy as all of their files were encrypted! Our team of IT experts were able to recover everything and help them continue their day-to-day operations in a timely manner. Keep in mind; if you haven’t backed up your data, it won’t be as simple for you to recover.

Don’t kid yourself, anti-virus software will NOT save you from ransomware infection – Your data MUST be backed up!  

Aside from paying the ransom fee, which is often extremely expensive, data backup is the only way to recover. CryptoWall is powerful – and it WILL bypass any sort of anti-virus software and firewalls in place. So what can be done to mitigate the risk of infection?

Schedule your network security assessment IMMEDIATELY to put the right safeguards in place!

Our team of IT experts will perform a thorough network security assessment, then implement the right safeguards to keep you protected against destructive ransomware, malware, and viruses. During our network security assessment, we’ll:

  • Work with you to analyze your existing security settings, such as network permissions, aging technologies, and overlooked vulnerabilities.
  • Take the time to test your defenses using the most recent hacker techniques to see what can be exploited.
  • Install the proper updates and upgrades necessary to your existing systems to fix any vulnerabilities or backdoors.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – Contact our team of IT experts to schedule your network security assessment immediately. Give us a call at {phone} or send us an email at {email}. {company} is the leading IT support company for businesses in {city}.

600,000 Computers Infected in 6 Months – CryptoWall is on the Rise & YOUR Business Might Be Next!

600,000 Computers Infected in 6 Months – CryptoWall is on the Rise & YOUR Business Might Be Next!

CryptoWall, a dangerous form of ransomware that’s similar to CryptoLocker, infiltrates users’ computers and encrypts their files, then demands a...

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