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On Time Tech Helps a San Francisco Architecture Firm Hit With Ransomware

San Francisco Architecture Firms Calls On Time Tech To Help With Ransomware Issue

On Time Tech is happy to offer business IT services and technology solutions to San Francisco companies. When an architecture firm in San Francisco was hit with a ransomware attack, On Time Tech was happy to help the firm recover its data. Ransomware attacks have increased over the recent past, and the architecture firm is just one in a long list of enterprises that have been affected. According to the New York Times, 205,280 enterprises lost their access to data sue to similar attacks.

It has become necessary for companies to invest in proper security measures. Unfortunately, most companies have had some bad luck with their IT support. On Time Tech may be a good option. The company offers all-inclusive business solutions at a flat rate. They can help your systems run efficiently to promote profits. As a total IT management service, they deliver 24/7 support to maintain the productivity of your business even after the regular working hours.

Architectural Firm Ransomware San Fransisco

On Time Tech Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a huge priority for businesses, especially now that cybercrime reports have been increasing. As the landscape of the internet continues to change, hackers are coming up with creative ways to get hold of your private data and ransom it.

There have been consistent reports of organizations suffering from security breaches. While some of them may recover, others aren’t so lucky. Ransomware attacks compromise your reputation and the security of your clients.

All organizations hold some sensitive information in their computers or cloud protection. Without the maximum protection, you may be defying the compliance regulations. There are different data obligations for various companies. It is essential to understand what applies to your company.

Services from On Time Tech include:

Phishing Testing and Security Awareness Training

The company offers specific training that could help your members of staff detect fake emails and links. Proper training and awareness can save your company from ransomware attacks. A knowledgeable team is essential for avoiding mistakes.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Scanning

The company searches your company computers and devices for unsecured personal data. It may include drivers; license numbers, credit cards, and social security numbers. They analyze the locations of sensitive information and protect it. Usually, hackers target sensitive data and use it for breaches.

Active Dark Web Searches

If your business domain is on the Dark Web, you are likely to be a target for ransomware attacks. On Time Tech performs active searches on the Dark Web. They inform you in case of anything.

Vulnerability Scanning

With On Time Tech’s vulnerability scanning, you can determine weaknesses in your network. Detecting faults makes it possible to address them. Hackers can take advantage of your shortcomings to steal your private data. Anything that can connect to the internet is a potential threat.

Two-Factor Authentication

With two-factor authentication, you can enjoy better security. It provides you with an extra layer of protection for server access.

Penetrating Testing

This is a professional attempt to detect externally visible threats. It tests the compliance and preparedness of your organization for cyber-attacks. The test is a requirement for many compliance organizations. The results of the test provide companies with insight to major vulnerabilities. Knowing the weaknesses makes it possible to fix them.

Advanced Anti-Virus

On Time Tech can provide you with advanced anti-virus. The AI-based anti-virus protects you from Zero Day virus.

There have been daily reports of organizations experiencing some sort of security breaches. The architecture firm in San Francisco was just one of them. Both big and small organizations can be victims of the attacks. It is, therefore, wise to work with IT service companies that can help you navigate the emerging security needs.

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