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We’ve Got the “One Click & Fixed” IT Solutions Your California Business Needs

These days, people are looking for convenience in computer support services that don’t waste their time or money. Many are seeking out all-inclusive, one-stop shops that cover as many of their needs as possible under one roof. Well, that’s what you’ve got with On Time Tech and our “one-click & fixedIT solutions that give you more choices and service options for your money.

And, we won’t waste your time, either.

How Our One-Click & Fixed IT Solutions Work for You

What do we mean by “one-click & fixed”? We mean you can fill out a secure contact form and hit submit, and the process of better IT solutions begins.

You have better things to do with your time than deal with patches, updates, upgrades, and hardware repair. Let us take on that burden. You focus on growing your company, and we will tackle all the tedious technology issues and get you up to speed.

There’s no need for you to stress over your IT issues – We’ll take care of it, with the help of strategic partners whose tech expertise themselves fuels our own service vector.

Optimizing your workflow is what we do – and here’s how we do it.

We use advanced software to help your business meet its objectives. Your success matters to us On Time Tech. We’ll work together with you to put an IT plan in motion that will support your business as it moves forward and stays ahead of the competition.

We’re only successful when your systems are working flawlessly.

How does that work? Well… We deliver an all-inclusive, flat-rate, IT care solution for businesses like yours. Just one simple, monthly IT payment covers it all, which is so easy to budget!

What that means is… We have a financial incentive to keep your IT running in tip-top shape – every single day. The better your info-tech systems run, the more profitable our business is. So…our interests are aligned with YOURS!

Your business deserves non-stop, 24/7 support, and that’s what we deliver, through keeping your business productive – even while you’re sleeping!

Need some help for your California business’ in-house IT staffers?

No problem! So many IT staffers are overworked and overwhelmed. Are your IT employees pulling out their hair? Let us share the burden and help them out.

You want to prevent downtime from happening at all costs, and we have the solution for you.

By combining strict adherence to IT best practices, regular updates, and top-shelf solutions, we deliver seamless, secure, and productive IT working environments.

It’s not rocket science.

It’s actually much more serious than that -- It’s your business!

Let us give you the confidence of a productive IT environment with 99.999% uptime. On Time Tech will be your reliable IT partner in San Francisco who can help you eliminate IT hassles and guessing games and focus on what’s important in your business.

Are You Confident That Your Business Network Can Withstand a Cyberattack?

The future of your company in California – from SF to Los Angeles – may rest on your answer to that very question.

If your answer is that you're not quite sure or you aren't 100% confident you can defend against all manner of cyber exploits, you'll want to consider getting an evaluation towards our one-click fix IT remedies.

You see, cybersecurity is regularly at the top of many lists of "What's the Most Important Issue in IT Today?"

And, although you may have an in-house IT staffer or external IT guy doing something towards IT security, maybe you’ve never really had the "cybersecurity conversation" with them. Why not? Maybe they haven’t brought it up because they don’t know enough themselves. Perhaps you never had time to.

Nevertheless, that cybersecurity dialogue needs to happen. And the On Time Techs are just the ones to have it with.

Cyber Security is complicated, and you need true IT professionals to solve security issues long-term.

We recognize that it’s difficult to move confidently into the future of your business if you’re not prepared to meet the cyber-based dangers lurking around the corner.

When it comes to keeping your employees and data safe online, On Time Tech doesn’t skip a step in our one-click fixed support process. We provide a dedicated support team working day and night to keep your business protected from viruses, malware, and hackers.

In fact…

We do it all!

That includes all the planning, implementing, auditing, monitoring, and management of security to keep your business safe and sound. It also includes a proactive cybersecurity team that gets out ahead of potential threats and neutralizes them, with measures that include:

  • Cyber Security Awareness Training
  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Compliance (HIPAA, PCI and SEC)
  • User Activity Monitoring
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • Encryption
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management) with MAAS360
  • Password Management
  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Anti-Virus

From risk assessments to properly applied, leading-edge security measures, the On Time Tech team is your one-stop-shop for IT and network security assurance.

Isn’t It Time for a One Click & Fixed That Handles All IT Issues?

If so, just give an On Time Tech associate a call at (415) 294-5250 or email us at for more information and to get started with our “one click & fixed” IT solutions that give you more control and long-term fixes to technical problems.

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