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Create a More Connected Workplace With Microsoft Forms

Create a More Connected Workplace With Microsoft Forms Support in San Francisco

Are you meeting the needs of customers, partners, and employees? As the workplace continues to evolve and change, demand for hybrid and fully-remote working flexibility is accelerating at a rapid pace and is more important than ever. To receive real-time feedback from those who are important to and within your organization, Microsoft Forms support partner in San Francisco can help you make feedback a regular part of your business intelligence. Microsoft Forms can drive a data culture by ensuring your teams remain connected and engaged regardless of their location. By using the following action in Microsoft Forms, you can create a more connected workplace for your employees and partners.

Print a Blank Form Easily With San Francisco Microsoft Forms Support

When Forms first launched, the software was not designed to print blank forms. Luckily, Microsoft support listened to its San Francisco users and now can help form creators print blank copies of an action. This is a critical addition in case device or Internet availability is a problem, or you need them for archiving, thus creating more accessibility to the results. Printing an action is as simple as clicking the “Share” button at the top right corner of the screen. The dropdown will then show “Print Form” within the pop-up screen that showcases your printing properties and settings.

Microsoft has taken the Office suite to the next level with Forms, Teams, and the various other integrated apps. The availability of these programs could not have come at a better time when many job functions have temporarily or permanently moved to a remote environment. Microsoft Forms is another addition to the Office 365 suite that allows its users to create a more connected work environment.

Create Polls

Polls, surveys, and quizzes are the lifeblood of receiving direct internal and external feedback. These actions will enhance remote collaboration before, during, and after conference calls. Polls allow you to quickly gather feedback directly within the Teams chat window to help conduct more informative, productive, and engaging meetings. This integration allows meeting presenters to create polls before the start of a meeting within one tab in Teams. During the meeting, presenters can launch polls that all attendees (desktop, mobile, and web) can answer thus transforming passive listeners into active contributors.

Once the poll is published, it will appear on the attendees' meeting screen and in the chat, so no attendee can miss it. Presenters have the option to select settings like anonymous responses and to close the poll when complete. All attendees can view the results and respondents can access the poll after the meeting to respond if It has not yet been closed. When advanced planning is not required, attendees can create ad-hoc questionnaires during the meeting for quick and immediate feedback. Following the completion of the meeting, results can be exported into Excel for additional analysis and discussion. These polls deliver a seamless experience with Teams where you can create, present, and analyze polls powered by Microsoft support across all types of meetings in San Francisco.

Office Mobile App

Forms will also soon be integrated into the Office 365 mobile app allowing you and your team to generate, share, and analyze all form types while utilizing the other Office apps while on the go. The Office 365 app was created to be easy to use and integrated with other Office apps to put the mobile experience at the forefront. Once logged into the Office app, you do not need to repeatedly sign in to access the Forms app. Also, you can check incoming responses from all open forms or create new forms to share with internal and external teams. Having this availability while on the go allows for a better connection between teams and groups.

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