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Microsoft Bookings: The Solution to Your Calendar Frustrations  

Why Microsoft Bookings Is the Solution to Your Calendar Frustrations

Booking appointments can be more complicated than it seems. If your business requires that you regularly schedule appointments with customers, Microsoft Bookings may be a great option. With the online service, the processes of setting and managing appointments can be much more straightforward. Even though it is an excellent option for various business types, it is perfect for law firms, medical offices, hair salons, law firms, and other companies that depend on customer appointments.

Booking appointments can be frustrating. It is easy to double book, forget about meetings, or mistake one appointment for another. With Microsoft Bookings, your business gets a specialized web page where your clients can book appointments.

The booking page is accessible and mobile-friendly. It eliminates the possibility of double-booking since clients can only choose the available slots. After scheduling their appointment, it is automatically updated. Microsoft Booking adds the appointment to your calendar as well. It sends emails to the clients regarding their appointment. You may also set it to send reminders through Facebook Messaging. Microsoft Booking is a convenient solution for both small and big businesses. You no longer need to make awkward calls to cancel appointments.

How Does It Work?

Bookings simplifies the appointment-booking process in two main ways:

  • By allowing the customers to schedule their appointments through the online booking page
  • Your Microsoft teams can enter appointments manually

Your customer has to select their preferred service before booking an appointment. They choose the date and time, depending on your availability schedule. The configuration is simple and customizable. Follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Enter your business details
  2. Specify your business scheduling policies. Include the automatic notifications, acceptable cancelation hours, and the duration of appointments.
  3. Define the details of your service, including your location, name, description, and pricing - you may add internal notes where necessary
  4. Make a staff list
  5. Specify the employees’ working hours
  6. Plan for business closures and vacations
  7. Publish the booking page

The feature is available to Microsoft customers with an Office 365 Business Premium Subscription. The app is available on Google Play Store and iTunes.

Benefits of Bookings

  • Bringing In Business: Bookings helps bring business to you 24/7. You get a customizable web page where your customers can book their appointments whenever they please. With your public web page, you can continue receiving business bookings all day long.
  • Reducing No-Shows: Bookings send s automated reminders to your customers so they can have all the relevant information about their appointment. This includes directions, date, and time. The system can remind your members of the staff as well.
  • Self-Service Cancellations and Rescheduling: Your customers do not need your help rescheduling or canceling their appointments. Bookings is so convenient that they can change or cancel appointments with just the click of a link. You have control over how much advance notice is required for cancellation.
  • Bid Phone Tag Goodbye: Bookings allows your visitors to view and book the available times online. It is, therefore, possible for them to find times that are most convenient for their needs. Confirmations are sent directly and immediately, so they don’t need to call you.
  • Managing Bookings: The mobile app makes it easy to view and add appointments on the go. You can change the scheduling details without having to go to your office. You can view customer details and contact them directly through the app.

With Microsoft Bookings, you don’t need to stress about the process of booking appointments and following upon them. It is convenient for both business owners and their customers. It may be an excellent option for most businesses.

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