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How Integrated Threat Protection Can Keep Your Business Safe

How Integrated Threat Protection Can Keep Your Business Safe

In today’s digital world, cybersecurity is a growing concern for every business. Yet many companies are not fully equipped to keep themselves protected, especially those without a dedicated IT department. One in six businesses falls victim to a cybersecurity attack, and 60% of those businesses end up going under. So, a proper cybersecurity strategy is vital to the success of your company.

Luckily, Microsoft has developed a concept called Integrated Threat Protection that can help small businesses protect their sensitive data from any potential vulnerabilities, all while reducing costs on cybersecurity measures. Here is a look at this concept and how it can benefit your business.

What Is Integrated Threat Protection?

Integrated Threat Protection is a cybersecurity strategy that Microsoft has created which uses a variety of integrated applications and tools to protect your business from all angles. Hackers get more sophisticated in their methods by the day, and it's no longer enough to use one technique or tool to protect your data.

Imagine if you manage a sports team and your only line of defense against an entire offensive squad is a lone goalkeeper. Your likelihood of preventing an attack would be slim. But if you had a coordinated defensive team to back you up, your chances of protecting your goal are much greater. Integrated Threat Protection is that defensive team for small businesses. It’s a suite of interrelated products that can be used to protect your sensitive data from all angles to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity strategy.

You could cherry-pick certain software to perform specific functions related to cybersecurity, but this gets costly and may leave gaps in your defensive strategy. The beauty of Integrated Threat Protection is that it provides all the security you need for much less than what it would cost to purchase several different products to achieve the same end. Plus, all of Microsoft’s products integrate seamlessly and use AI to communicate and coordinate effective defense strategies.

What Tools Does Microsoft Use to Provide Integrated Threat Protection?

There are three major components of Microsoft’s Integrated Threat Protection strategy consisting of applications that provide unique security features. Those applications are:

  • Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection: This is a single suite of security products that protects your data from every angle and reduces costs by eliminating the need for multiple software.
  • Azure Security: A simple-to-use and intuitive dashboard that allows you to monitor threats and respond to problems.
  • Azure Sentinel: An analytical tool that monitors your security apparatus from a bird’s eye view and uses AI to constantly improve your strategy.

Each of these applications provides something unique and can be used to take control of your security strategy. Integrated Threat Protection seeks to take a holistic approach to cybersecurity. It allows you to monitor threats in real-time and improve your techniques as you acquire data. Hackers are constantly improving their methods, and it’s no longer enough to simply prevent the threats used in the past. You need software that is constantly improving and identifying future threats — otherwise, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to attack.

How Can Integrated Threat Protection Keep Your Business Safe?

Microsoft’s Integrated Threat protection strategy is the only comprehensive cybersecurity system on the market that seeks to protect your important data from every possible angle. Every business has information that it needs to protect. Whether that’s private communications, customers' financial information, sensitive documents, or data on business operations, a cybersecurity breach can destroy a business. It can take years to build a company, yet all that can be washed away in a moment without the proper security protocols.

The benefit of Integrated Threat Protection is that it’s comprehensive, easy to use, and cost-effective. Why waste time and money searching your products to build a security system when you could have one suite of tools that takes care of everything? Microsoft Integrated Threat Protection can save you up to 52% on costs related to cybersecurity, and it’s easier to use than many similar products on the market.

Although Microsoft Threat Protection is simple to use once you get it up and running, it can be tough to know where to start. If you need help installing or learning how to use this powerful cybersecurity tool, come see us at On Time Tech. We are a San Francisco based IT service company that helps small businesses with their IT needs ranging from cybersecurity to cloud solutions. Give us a call or send us an email today if you need help getting started with Microsoft Threat Protection.

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