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Cybersecurity Myths Small Businesses Need to Know About

CybersecurityThe first step in keeping your company safe is to understand the risks that you’re up against. Small businesses are constantly cautioned about the dangers of leaving their data unprotected, and in recent years business security has tightened because of this. Still, with blogs and other industry publications constantly posting about emerging cyber threats, it’s tough for entrepreneurs to know what to believe – along with fact, many myths have emerged.

Below are some of the most common cybersecurity myths to be aware of.

An IT Provider Will Handle That…

Whether you outsource IT to a cloud provider or a local tech company to handle support, at the end of the day the burden of a network issue falls on the business owner. The biggest threat to a company is its own employees – data is put at risk when workers surf unsafe websites, open unsecure emails, or set careless passwords as protection.

No matter what resource you entrust your IT security with the ultimate responsibility is your own. If an issue occurs and company data is breached, you and your staff will be the ones with a damaged reputation and having to answer to upset customers.

Your Business is Under the Radar

Just because your business is small, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to an attack. Hackers target smaller companies knowing that their system security isn’t at the same level as many major corporations. It’s crucial to make sure that proper encryption is in place and that your security measures are adequate to keep your data safe.

Only PCs Need Protection

It’s important to take stock of all the technology being used for your business – PCs, smartphones, macs, and tablets. Be sure that every device is being properly protected with antivirus software. A recent study by Norton found that only about two-thirds of small businesses had anti-virus software on their tablets – and even less on their smartphones. You need to understand and implement the latest protection on any device that accesses company data – and use strict passwords to protect your servers.

Being able to discern fact from myth is important when it comes to your cybersecurity. To get more information on how to keep your system safe, contact {company} at {email} or {phone}.

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