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4 Reasons Your San Francisco Business Needs Co-Managed IT Service

IT serves as the backbone of your San Francisco business no matter the industry or area you specialize in. From small businesses to large corporations, having a robust IT infrastructure and support is crucial to keep your business running efficiently, improve customer support and service, and promote a productive work environment.

When it comes to conventional IT wisdom, there were one of two options your company could choose from to support and control IT services. These options included hiring an outside IT company in San Francisco to manage IT services, or create your own internal in-house IT staff. While each option has its pros and cons, your business now has the ability to combine the best of both worlds through choosing co-managed IT services for your San Francisco business.

What Can You Expect When You Choose Co-Managed IT Services for Your San Francisco Business?

Co-managed IT service is a hybrid IT structure where your in-house IT staff and an outside IT support company, work together to address all company IT needs, improve the technology infrastructure, and work towards future business goals. With a co-managed service, you will not be replacing your internal IT staff but instead be providing them with additional support, tools, and time so that all the tech needs of the company can be met without stretching any department too thin.

Four Reasons Your San Francisco Company Needs Co-Managed IT Support

Even a well-staffed in-house IT department can enjoy many benefits when you utilized co-managed IT services. Getting better control of your IT infrastructure and positioning your business for continued growth are not the only reasons your company may need co-managed IT services.

Your Current IT Staff May be Limited Due to Size

Even some of the most successful San Francisco businesses only have a handful of IT staff members available to address tech needs, monitor systems, and work on special projects. With so much of your business supported by technology, a significant amount of your internal IT staff's time is spent merely putting out fires and making sure the systems and each employee's workstations are working correctly.

Unfortunately, this can mean that less time is spent monitoring for threats, keeping software up-to-date, and working to improve efficiency and increase productivity. With co-managed IT services your managed service provider can be responsible for system monitoring and troubleshooting, freeing up your internal IT staff to work on special projects and handle on-site IT issues.

Your IT Staff Has Different Expertise

When a company hires an internal IT staff, they typically focus on hiring technicians that can address day-to-day technical issues in the company, handle technical support for customers, and upgrade and maintain business software. This may mean they have less training in areas such as server repair and maintenance, or the planning and implementation of new IT systems and programs.

Wherever skills may be lacking, co-managed services can help. An outside IT company will have numerous technicians with varying levels and areas of expertise. This allows you to find the mix of the skills and knowledge you need to protect and monitor your programs, as well as access and implement new systems and upgrades.

Your Business is Experiencing Rapid Growth

With rapid growth comes the need for innovation and expansion. This can mean the need to grow your technology infrastructure through additional locations, staff, or departments, creating more stress on your current IT department and causing other needs to be put on the back burner.

When you choose co-managed services for your San Francisco business, you will have the benefit of extra support to help continue your business growth smoothly and seamlessly. You can also enjoy the benefit of having technicians experienced in a number of software platforms and systems which provide you with the resources to help your technology systems grow as fast as your infrastructure.

Your San Francisco Business Has Multiple or Remote Locations

Business with a well-developed internal IT staff at their headquarters location may not have the need to develop such departments at small branches or to handle remote workers. Choosing the right IT company to provide you with co-managed services can allow you to maintain the same strong support at these locations through your outside IT company. They will work with your current internal staff to implement the same programs and policies for other locations to create one seamless technology structure instead of multiple fragmented service programs.

How Can a San Francisco IT Company Offering Co-Managed Services Help?

Choosing a San Francisco IT company for your co-managed services can help your business and current internal IT staff by:

  • Providing core infrastructure support such as monitoring and maintaining servers, routers, firewalls, and switches.
  • Establish and maintain cybersecurity solutions such as monitoring, data backup, and end-user training.
  • Offer help desk services to free up in-house IT staff for onsite support.
  • Providing off-hours and emergency support when your IT staff is not in the office.
  • Supporting your internal IT staff with the time and expertise they need to implement and manage new programs and systems.

Give your internal IT staff the support they need while providing all of your staff, locations, and customers with seamless service and support. Not only can co-managed IT services help increase efficiency and productivity but it can also provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to keep innovating and push your company to achieve its future goals.

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