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Cloud Desktops Are Here To Stay

Cloud Desktops Are Here To Stay

Do you want universal access to your files and those that are shared with you? Many people are starting to see the value of using cloud desktops when working remotely. In this video, we discuss how you can benefit from switching to cloud-based technology for your desktop.

In recent years, cloud-based technology has started to gain traction with individuals and businesses. It is especially popular with remote workers, which is a large group of people at the moment due to covid-19. Cloud desktops are providing solutions for businesses to create a productive online work environment for their employees. This is possible because of the cloud desktop’s ability to provide access to information and files from any point in the world.

With a cloud desktop, everything is stored remotely, allowing you to share files through your network without any trouble. This is something businesses have wanted to be able to do for many years. Due to this, others have made attempts at creating programs like cloud desktops, but none have been able to create something so efficient and problem-free.

Microsoft terminal servers and Citrix servers were similar programs that were popular many years ago. However, these services were unable to overcome high infrastructure expenses, overly complex networking technologies, and were too demanding on IT departments’ time. These issues prevented the technology from catching on with businesses and left them still seeking a solution for remote work. Since then, cloud-based technology has greatly improved, and cloud desktops make up in the areas that previous programs fell short.

Some of the benefits of using cloud desktops are:

  • Being able to work from anywhere at any time
  • Knowing that your work is always safe and secure
  • No longer have to deal with the high costs of maintenance

As cloud-based technology becomes more widely used, so will cloud desktops. The problems that come from employees not being able to physically be in the office are resolved by this type of technology. Having the ability to access your data from any computer gives businesses a type of flexibility that has not been seen before.

Will You Make The Switch To Cloud Desktops?

If you would like help setting up a cloud desktop system for your company, or if you have any questions about cloud-based technology, we are here to help. At On Time Tech, you can count on us to help you find the best IT solutions for your business. Reach out to us online or by phone today.

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