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Why Citrix Is The Best Choice For Your Remote Employees.

With more of your employees working from home or on the road, your business in the San Francisco or Los Angeles area requires a secure, easy-to-use remote access solution. The professionals at On Time Tech all agree that Citrix is the best choice.

Why? — Because Citrix:

  • Provides your remote employees secure access to your network from any computer device, anywhere in the world. Whether using their smartphone in a traffic jam on a Los Angeles Freeway to document notes, or reading 3D blueprints on their tablet at a construction site in Walnut Creek, your employees will have a reliable, seamless experience.
  • Gives your employees instant access to hosted applications, user-friendly desktops, data, communications, mobile device management, as well as file synch and share over any network and cloud.
  • Will increase your business productivity by allowing employees to work remotely in their chosen desktop environments, which provides them the comfort and ease of use they require.
  • Regularly outperforms their competitors, even when your employees use low bandwidth connections.
  • Is easy to budget for. It’s available on a per-user, per month subscription basis.

With On Time Tech and Citrix, your valuable data is always private and protected by our enhanced layers of security, and kept up-to-date and compatible with all Internet-capable mobile devices.

To learn more about Citrix, or for a complimentary assessment of your remote computing needs, call us at {phone} or write to us at {email}.

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