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2015’s Top 10 Cloud Security Concerns

cloud expertsIs your data really safe in the cloud?

Does it make business sense to move to the cloud? {company} addresses all of your cloud security concerns!

Knowing the concerns of your organization will be the first step towards the cloud. When it comes to the cloud, there’s a lot of concerns related to compliance, location of data, and proper credentials of the cloud provider and an assumption of cloud solutions removing the need for technical skills.  The value of having an IT Service Provider or Managed Service Provider is knowledge.

Cloud Security Experts at {company}, ready to help you with any questions or needs you may have.

According to CompTIA these are the Top 10 Cloud Security Concerns to pay close attention to in 2015:

  1. System downtime/business interruptions
  2. Exposure or loss of data during file transfers to the cloud
  3. Concerns over encryption of data
  4. Physical security of cloud
  5. Shared technology vulnerabilities in a multi-tenant environment
  6. Malicious activity from privileged insiders
  7. Identifying/authenticating users
  8. Difficulty in assessing and comparing the security of cloud service providers
  9. Complying with legal/regulatory requirements
  10. Ability to conduct audits, review cloud security logs, etc.

Source: CompTIA’s 9th Annual Information Security Trends study

Despite the growing popularity of cloud computing, these concerns are still significant and must be addressed before moving to the cloud. So let’s get started!

{company} knows how to determine what cloud services are right for your business.

What challenges or concerns does your business/organization have? For SMBs there is a tendency for businesses to use their own budgets to purchase IT resources on their own. With {company} as your trusted IT partner, we make your IT decisions worry-free, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you – your business.

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